Glossary of tech terms

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nbn / NBN

The lowercase 'nbn' is short for the national broadband network, a high speed broadband network rolled out by Australian Government-owned (uppercase) NBN Co. As a wholesaler, NBN Co does not sell direct to the public.


A group of computing devices talking to each other.


Short for the Near Field Communication protocol. NFC is built in to most modern mobile devices and allows the device to communicate over a very short distance (up to 4 cms) with, for example, EFTPOS machines. This enables mobile phones to make digital payments using an established pay service app.

Non-fungible token (NFT)

NFT'sĀ are assets that have been tokenised via a blockchain. They are assigned unique identification codes. They can be traded or exchanged for money or other cryptocurrency.

Notebook computer

Another name for a laptop computer.