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Advanced online security

These exciting new courses introduce you to advanced ways of protecting your privacy and personal information online. Discover how to manage your passwords with a Password manager and install antivirus software to protect your devices from viruses and other malicious threats. You’ll also learn some other top tips for keeping you safer online.

Fun things to do with your photos

Learn how to shoot, edit, print and store your photos like a pro! These courses offer expert tips on taking great photos. You’ll learn how to move your photos from your camera or device to your computer for editing. Practice basic editing tasks using our Squirrel Editor practice area and then learn how to make fun gifts with your photos for your family and friends.

State and territory government services online

Interested in finding out how you can access concessions and rebates on your everyday expenses? Learn everything you need to know about accessing state and territory government services online! Explore how these online services can benefit you by saving you time and money all from the comfort of home.