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Safety first2

Health, wellbeing, technology and you

Interested to know how apps, devices and technology can help you to improve and maintain your health and general wellbeing? In this topic, we explore how wearable devices and smartphones can monitor and track your health and how you can use online resources to improve your wellbeing. You’ll also learn how to find nutritious recipes, all about Telehealth appointments with your GP and how technology can remind you to exercise, take medication and unwind after a busy day.

Useful apps

From the apps that come with your smartphone, to those available from your device’s app store, there are apps that you can use throughout your day to make life more convenient. This topic shows you the apps that come built-in to your iPhone or Android phone and shows you how apps can transform your device into an entertainment hub! You’ll also learn about apps that help you access important services and apps to help you get around.

Setting up and using email

In these courses, we look at the big three free email services: Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo Mail. You will learn how free email works, how to set up and manage your email accounts, how to block nuisance emails, report spam, unsubscribe to newsletters, plus how to change your password and even cancel your email account. You will also learn what actions you can take to spot and avoid common email scams.