9 FAQs found

Do I have to sign up and register to access the learning materials?

No, all the learning resources are available to you without having to register. The benefit of registering is that you can track your progress through the learning and see how you are doing.

What do I need in order to register?

You will need an email account. There is a course in the learning resources called Using email to help you with signing up to an email account. If you are unsure of using email, we recommend you read through this course to assist you. Alternatively, find some help in your local community by clicking on the Find local help tab at the top of this page.

I have forgotten my password, what can I do?

Follow these steps to reset your password (this should only take a few minutes):

  1. Click on the blue “sign in” button on the website homepage.
  2. Underneath the “Log in” box you will see some text that says “Forgotten your username or password?” Click on this text.
  3. Follow the instructions on the next page. You will need to enter your email address and then click “search”.
  4. Go to your email address inbox and look for an email to reset your password. Follow the instructions in this email. 

How can I find someone to help me?

We have a large network of community organisations, called Network Partners, located across Australia that can help you. To find your nearest Network Partner, click on the words Find Local Help at the top of the page. Here you will see a map. Put your postcode into the map to find the nearest location to you where you can get help. 

Alternatively, ring the Be Connected helpline on 1300 795 897.

Where can I find more help online?

Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network (ACORN) provides information on cyber crime and how to avoid it.

The office of the eSafety Commissioner provides internet users with easy online access to cybersafety information and assistance available in Australia.

Cybersafety Help Facebook Page brings together a range of online resources to help you stay safe online.

Protecting Yourself Online – What Everyone Needs to Know provides information on scams, spam, banking or bullying.

Stay Smart Online website and social media channels provide simple steps that Australians can take to protect their personal and financial information online.

When are new topics coming?

Be Connected will be expanding our resources to include a wider variety of topics. We will launch the new resources in 2018.

Do you share my personal details with anyone else?

Our Network Partners are supported by the National Network Manager, Good Things Foundation. We share your information with them so if you go to a local Network Partner for face-to-face help, such as a library or community centre, they have your details to help you. 

You can learn more about the Good Things Foundation here: https://www.goodthingsfoundation.org.au/home  

Also, we are an Australian Government initiative, so we share your details with a system called the Data Exchange, managed by the Department of Social Services. The Data Exchange collects this information with a goal of achieving stronger community outcomes. The Department takes its privacy obligations very seriously to ensure the operation of the Data Exchange does not contravene the Commonwealth Privacy Act. None of your personal information will be available publicly as the privacy of your personal information is protected by law. 

You can learn more about the Data Exchange here: https://dex.dss.gov.au/about/ 

The text on the website it too small. How can I make it larger?

There are three ‘A’ at the top of the page. These make the text on the website larger and smaller. Click on the largest ‘A’ to make the text larger. If you want to change back, click on the middle or smaller ‘A’.

Can I get a certificate to show what I have learnt?

We will be launching certificates in 2018, so watch this space!