Course list

Topic Course Printable guide
The absolute basics What is a computer?
What is a laptop?
What is a tablet?
What is a smartphone?
What is the internet?
Getting to know your device Using a keyboard
Using a mouse
Using a touchscreen
Using a computer
Getting started online Using the internet
Using online forms
Using search engines
Introduction to internet safety
Safety first Understanding web browsers
Safe passwords
Paying safely in shops and online
Avoiding scams and tricks
Downloading and saving documents
Help and support
Connecting to others Getting set up for video calling
How to use Skype
How to use WhatsApp
How to use FaceTime (Apple devices only)
How to use Zoom
All about data What is data?
Choosing a data plan
Managing your data
Going overseas
Home data vs mobile data
Wi-Fi and mobile networks What is Wi-Fi?
Home networks
Wi-Fi on the go
Mobile networks
Online hobbies Researching family history
Exploring Google Earth
Google Earth - more than a map
Beyond Google Earth
Blogs – online journals
All about apps What is an app?
Getting apps
Managing and deleting apps
App tips and tricks
Practice area Practice area for mouse and keyboard
Practice area for smart devices
Games centre Games centre for mouse and keyboard
Games centre for smart devices
Apple iPhone: Getting started iPhone: Interactive guide
Resetting your pre-owned iPhone
Setting up your new iPhone
iPhone: Security and privacy
iPhone: Accessibility settings
iPhone: System settings
iPhone: Quick settings
iPhone: Notifications
Android phone: Getting started Android phone: Interactive guide
Resetting your pre-owned Android phone
Setting up your new Android phone
Android phone: Security and privacy
Android phone: Accessibility settings
Android phone: System settings
Android phone: Quick Settings
Android phone: Notifications
Apple iPad: Getting started iPad: Interactive guide
Resetting your pre-owned iPad
Setting up your new iPad
iPad: Security and privacy
iPad: Accessibility settings
iPad: System settings
iPad: On-screen keyboard and Quick Settings
iPad: Connecting Wi-Fi and exploring network settings
Android tablet: Getting started Android tablet: Interactive guide
Android tablet: Prepare to set up
Android tablet: Set up
Android tablet: Security and privacy
Android tablet: Accessibility
Android tablet: System settings
Android tablet: Keyboard and screen
Android tablet: Network settings
Windows desktop: Getting started Windows desktop: Interactive guide
Windows desktop: Prepare to set up
Windows desktop: Set up
Windows desktop: Security and privacy
Windows desktop: Accessibility
Windows desktop: System settings
Windows desktop: Managing files
Windows desktop: Managing attachments
Windows desktop: Managing storage
Windows laptop: Getting started Windows laptop: Interactive guide
Windows laptop: Prepare to set up
Windows laptop: Set up
Windows laptop: Security and privacy
Windows laptop: Accessibility
Windows laptop: System settings
Windows laptop: Managing files
Windows laptop: Managing attachments
Windows laptop: Managing storage
Apple desktop: Getting started Apple desktop: Interactive guide
Resetting your pre-owned Apple desktop computer
Setting up your new Apple desktop computer
Apple desktop: Security and privacy
Apple desktop: Accessibility
Apple desktop: System Settings
Apple desktop: Managing files, desktop, and profile
Apple desktop: Managing attachments
Apple desktop: Managing storage
Apple laptop: Getting started Apple laptop: Interactive guide
Resetting your pre-owned Apple laptop computer
Setting up your new Apple laptop computer
Apple laptop: Security and privacy
Apple laptop: Accessibility
Apple laptop: System Settings
Apple laptop: Managing files, desktop, and profile
Apple laptop: Managing attachments
Apple laptop: Managing storage
Apple iPhone: Doing more iPhone: Using the camera
iPhone: Calls and privacy
iPhone: Saving, sharing and deleting files
iPhone: Listening to podcasts
Android phone: Doing more Android phone: Using the camera
Android phone: Calls and privacy
Android phone: Saving and sharing files
Android phone: Listening to podcasts
Apple iPad: Doing more iPad: Using the camera
iPad: Messages and privacy
iPad: Saving, sharing and deleting files
iPad: Listening to podcasts
Android tablet: Doing more Android tablet: Using the camera
Android tablet: Messages and privacy
Android tablet: Saving and sharing files
Android tablet: Listening to podcasts
Introduction to myGov All about myGov
Setting up myGov
Linking services in myGov
Claiming Medicare with myGov
My Health Record and myGov
Introduction to online banking Getting started with online banking
Setting up online banking
Online banking basics practice area
Managing payments online practice area
Introduction to buying and selling online Buying and selling online overview
How to pay online
How to buy online using eBay
How to sell online using eBay
Selling on eBay: case study
Buying on eBay: case study
Social media apps Introduction to social media
Introduction to Facebook
Using Facebook
Introduction to Instagram
Introduction to Pinterest
Introduction to Twitter
Introduction to smart homes What is smart home technology?
How to set up smart home technology
Using a voice assistant
Using smart home devices
Using smart TVs
TV, movie and music streaming services
What is the cloud?
The cloud and you
Introduction to mobile banking Getting started with mobile banking
Setting up mobile banking
Mobile banking basics practice area
Managing payments with mobile banking practice area
Using the cloud Windows Desktop: Sharing photos and location with the cloud
Windows laptop: Sharing photos and location with the cloud
Apple desktop: Sharing photos and location with the cloud
Apple laptop: Sharing photos and location with the cloud
Apple iPhone: Cloud back up and photo sharing
Apple iPhone: Cloud location services
Android phone: Cloud back up and photo sharing
Android phone: Cloud location services
Apple iPad: Cloud back up and photo sharing
Apple iPad: Cloud location services
Android tablet: Cloud back up and photo sharing
Android tablet: Cloud location services
Researching and booking travel online Researching your trip online
Getting ready to travel safely
Booking travel and accessing your finances online
Travelling in Australia
Travelling overseas
Advanced online security Managing passwords
Using antivirus software
Protecting your privacy online
Fun things to do with your photos What you can do with your photos
Understanding image properties
All about photo editors
Using a photo editor
Creating a gift from a personal photo
Managing and storing your photos
State and territory government services online Service NSW
Service Victoria
Queensland government websites
South Australia government websites
Service Tasmania
Western Australia government websites
Northern Territory government websites
Access Canberra
Apps that come with your cloud subscription All about cloud subscription apps
Microsoft OneDrive apps
Apple iCloud apps
Google cloud apps
Other useful cloud apps
Identifying and avoiding scams Phishing scams
Romance scams
Investment scams
Remote access scams
Crypto scams
Health, wellbeing, technology and you New How technology helps with health and wellbeing
Fitness apps and devices to monitor your health
Ways to improve your wellbeing
Resources to help achieve your health goals
Useful apps New Apps that come with your iPhone
Apps that come with your Android phone
Catch up TV, YouTube and streaming apps
Google maps, rideshare and transport apps
myGov, Medicare and finance apps
Setting up and using email New Introduction to email
How to set up and use Gmail
How to set up and use free Outlook email
How to set up and use Yahoo Mail
How to avoid common email scams
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