Topic outline

  • General

    Apple laptop:
    Managing files

    This course is for anyone with an Apple laptop computer who wishes to learn how to keep information organised and use images to give their computer a more personal touch.

    In this course, we show you how to use folders to keep files grouped together for easy access, how to change your desktop background image, and how to set up a new profile picture for email and more.

    What do I need to start this course?

    To get the most from this course, you will need the following:

    • Your laptop, installed with macOS Catalina. For more information on how to check for or install Catalina, refer to page 6 of our Security and privacy printable guide.
    • Approximately 15 minutes to watch the video.
    • Alternatively, you might like to print and follow the steps in our course guide. You will find the guide at the bottom of this page.

    When you're ready to start, scroll down and click or tap the play button on the video.