Topic outline

  • Creating a gift
    from a personal photo

    In this course, you’ll follow along with Steve as he turns one of his treasured family photos into a fun jigsaw gift for his sister. He made some minor edits to the photo in the previous course.

    Steve won’t have to cut up the original, of course. He’ll be using a website to order a jigsaw printed with the photo on it.

    Get ready to see how Steve prepares the photo, uploads it to the site, receives the final product, and is inspired to do more with his photos.


    Welcome to 'How to make a photo gift'. In this video, you'll follow along with Steve as he uses an old family photo and an online print service to create a fun and personal gift for his sister, Amy. Steve's photo is already saved to his computer as an image file.

    He opens the browser on his computer and searches for an Australian photo printing service. A search result for SquirrelPrint catches his eye. Not only does the website offer to turn photos into jigsaw puzzles, it's an Australian business so there won't be any expensive international shipping fees. Before clicking on the link, Steve checks the web address. It starts with https, which means the site will encrypt any information he shares. He feels confident to continue, so he clicks on the search result. When the website opens, he checks the web address in the Address bar and looks for a padlock symbol. Once he's satisfied that the site is genuine, he looks at all the options on SquirrelPrint.

    He can turn his photo into a framed print, mug, T-shirt and, best of all, a jigsaw. Steve notices that the website provides some print requirements. He finds the image file on his desktop to make sure that it meets these requirements. He checks the file's size and file type. Looking good. He also checks the website's Privacy Policy to confirm it doesn't take ownership of his photos, or share them with others. Once he's satisfied, he clicks the Upload button on the website, then chooses his photo from a list of computer files that appears. In next to no time, his photo appears on the website.

    Now, he can choose how he wants to print his photo. He clicks on Jigsaw. The puzzle will be a square format, so he uses tools on the website to position his photo inside the shape. Perfect. Then he chooses the number of pieces his puzzle with have. He doesn't want it to be too easy, so he selects 200. Now it's time to share his shipping and payment details with the site. Steve enters his name, and an email address for getting updates on his order and a receipt from SquirrelPrint. He provides his home address as the delivery address, so he can check the quality of the print before giving it to his sister. The website uses this delivery address to work out the shipping cost, but Steve wants to get the jigsaw faster, so opts to pay extra for Express shipping. Lastly, he enters his credit card details. When he's done, he clicks the Pay Now button.

    When his order arrives a couple of days later, he is impressed by the quality. There's a crisp, bright copy of the photo on the box, which looks very professional, and the pieces are thick and glossy. Amy will love it. Now Steve is inspired to print photo gifts for all the family. Next, he plans to make a photobook, which will let him be really creative. He can use his favourite photos from his family's shared collections, arrange them in different layouts, and even add text as captions or a full-page story. Everyone will love it.