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What you can do with your photos

Learn how your computer stores and organises your photos and how you can transfer your photos onto your computer from your camera and other devices. Explore our handy animation to discover the top seven ways to take photos like a pro!

Understanding image properties

Discover everything you need to know about image files and properties. You’ll learn about different file types and each is best suited to a different purpose.

All about photo editors

Learn about the free and powerful in-built photo editing software on your computer and how you can use it to edit your photos. You’ll learn how to increase the brightness, adjust shadows and remove blemishes.

Using a photo editor

Put your learning into practice as you use our interactive practice editing suite: Squirrel Editor. You’ll be guided through the steps required to undertake a number of basic editing tasks in a safe and forgiving environment.

Creating a gift from a personal photo

Follow along with Steve as he makes an exciting and fun photo gift for his sister. You’ll see how Steve finds a reputable online business and follows the steps to create an interesting jigsaw for his sister using a treasured family photo.

Managing and storing your photos

Learn everything you need to know about storing and organising your photos on your device, computer and the cloud. You’ll learn how to make the most of your computer’s in-built photo storage and how you can use the cloud to synchronise your photos across all your devices.