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  • Buying on eBay:
    case study

    Antonio has now moved into his new apartment and is decorating to add his own personal touch to his new home. Antonio is an art lover, and this course will show you the steps Antonio follows to buy a new artwork on eBay.


    Antonio has moved into his new apartment, and wants to get some art to make it feel like home. He decides to shop for artwork on eBay, one of the world's biggest online marketplaces. eBay allows Antonio to buy new and pre-loved goods from anywhere in the world, and have them delivered to his door. In this video, we'll follow Antonio as he buys an art print on eBay.

    To begin, Antonio needs to have an account with eBay. He already has one set up, so he types into his computer's web browser, then logs in with his username and password. He types Art into the Search bar at the top of the eBay website to see the options. There's a lot to choose from, so he refines the search by focusing on a specific category of art. He applies some filters to further narrow the results, including Auction as the Buying format. From the list of results, he finds an artwork he likes, and clicks on it to see more information.

    Antonio notices the seller has a high feedback score, which makes him confident about buying from them. He checks the main details of the artwork, including the current bid price, cost of postage and accepted payment methods. Then he opens all the photos and zooms in to see the artwork in more detail. This allows him to closely check the condition of the item. Antonio decides that he wants the artwork, and types in the maximum amount he's prepared to pay. He then clicks Place bid to join the auction. Instead of bidding Antonio's maximum amount, eBay automatically places bids on his behalf, offering just enough to keep him ahead of other bidders until his maximum bid amount is reached. If he is outbid, eBay will email him to let him know, and he can increase his bid or leave the auction.

    Antonio decides to increase his bid. eBay will continue to place a higher bid for him until the auction ends, or until his new highest bid is exceeded. A few days later and, success! eBay notifies Antonio via email that he's won the auction, and needs to pay before delivery can be arranged. To pay, he logs into his eBay account and clicks on the shopping cart to see the details of his purchase. Once he's reviewed the details, he pays for the artwork with PayPal. eBay confirms his order, which shows an estimated delivery date. He receives the confirmation as an email too, along with a receipt for payment from PayPal.

    eBay also emails the seller, advising that payment has been made. It also provides the shipping address recorded on Antonio's eBay account for delivery. The print arrives on time, and is exactly what he expected, so Antonio is thrilled. He logs into his eBay account and leaves positive feedback to let others know that the seller is trustworthy. Antonio's new picture is a perfect fit for his new home!