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Buying and selling online overview

In this course, you will learn about the basics of buying and selling goods online. You’ll be introduced to some of the most well-known online retailers and marketplaces, and learn how shopping online from the safety and comfort of home can benefit you.

How to pay online

Build your confidence by learning how to pay for items safely online. This course compares some of the different payment methods available, including direct deposit and credit/debit card. You will also be introduced to PayPal, and learn how this popular service can be used to pay for online purchases safely and securely.

How to buy online using eBay

Once you understand the basics of safer buying and selling online, it’s time to learn about one of the world’s biggest online marketplaces: eBay! You’ll learn about the two different ways goods are sold on eBay – auction and Buy It Now – and what happens after you buy an item.

How to sell online using eBay

This course will introduce you to the process of selling items safely on eBay. You’ll be introduced to the selling process from start-to-end, and what to expect once you have sold an item. You will also learn about your responsibilities as a seller on eBay, and what you can do to increase your odds of selling an item.

Selling on eBay: case study

In this course you’ll meet Antonio, who is in the process of downsizing from a large home to a small apartment. Instead of throwing his unwanted items into landfill, Antonio decides to list them on eBay to see if anyone is interested in buying them. Receiving money for unwanted items can be a win/win!

Buying on eBay: case study

Antonio has now moved into his new apartment, and is decorating it to add a personal touch to his new home. Antonio is an art lover, and this course will show you the steps Antonio follows to buy some new artwork on an eBay auction.