Topic outline

  • How to close a pop-up box

    Pop-up boxes are little messages that appear on the screen from time to time. Some are helpful, such as when your computer wants permission to perform an update. Others, however, can be a nuisance or even unsafe, such as on an untrusted website.

    In this course, we show you different ways to close these little messages, including how to get rid of stubborn website pop ups that refuse to go away.

    Below you will find three different ways to learn how to close a pop up. You can:

    • Watch it: A short animation demonstrating some different ways to close a pop up.
    • Try it: For laptop and desktop computers only. An interactive challenge for you to practise closing different pop-up boxes.
    • Read it: Read the steps in our handy guide that you can print or save for later. Available in different languages in the Print the guide section at the bottom of this page.