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How technology helps with health and wellbeing

Learn how technology and apps can help you to set health goals, keep on top of your health and improve your general wellbeing. Find out what you can monitor using your smartphone and learn how smart watches can help provide a more accurate picture of your general health.

Fitness apps and devices to monitor your health

Learn in more detail how your smartphone and wearable technology, such as a smartwatch, can help you monitor your exercise and various aspects of your health to build a health profile.

Ways to improve your wellbeing

Find out how technology can assist you in other aspects of your overall health and wellbeing. Learn about Telehealth services with your GP and how you might use technology to focus on, maintain and improve your general wellbeing.

Resources to help achieve your health goals

Discover more detail on how you can use your Android or Apple smartphone to monitor your health and exercise. You’ll also learn about great resources you can use to maintain a healthy diet, general exercise and mindfulness and how you can incorporate these into a busy lifestyle.