Topic outline

  • Travelling overseas

    In this course, you’ll follow along with Ruby on her trip to New Zealand and learn how a mobile phone can help make travel convenient and safe.

    You’ll see how Ruby uses her mobile phone to:

    • Store her itinerary
    • Check the weather
    • Carry information about medications
    • Listen to a podcast or two on long bus trips.


    Welcome to 'Using your mobile for travel'. In this video, we'll follow along as Ruby uses her mobile phone on her New Zealand trip. She's just landed at the airport and is excited to start her holiday. Before any sightseeing though, she needs to check in to her accommodation. Now, what was the name of her hotel? Ruby opens the My Files app on her mobile phone. While planning her trip, she created a folder called My Holiday where she's saved useful documents, pictures, and files for her holiday.

    It contains ideas for things to do and see, a record of her prescription medication, important contact numbers, her airline ticket, the boarding pass for the flight she just took, and her itinerary. She taps on the itinerary to get the name and address of the hotel. Now that she knows where she's going, she just needs to get there. She taps on the Rideshare app on her mobile phone to open it, then books a car to drive her to the location. Within the hour, she is unpacked and settled in her room. She uses the weather app to check the conditions for tomorrow's boat tour of Milford Sound. Brrrrrrr. 11 degrees.

    Later that night, she uses her mobile phone to search for a place to have dinner. She finds one that has good reviews on Google, then uses the Google Maps app to get walking directions to the restaurant. Ruby arranged to have Global Roaming on her phone before she left home, so she has some mobile data allowance she can use to do this.

    She arrives at the restaurant and checks the menu prices, then uses her phone to convert the cost from New Zealand to Australian dollars. It's all within budget and she goes inside for a meal. Next morning, on the bus to her tour of Milford Sound, Ruby plays some games on her phone and listens to some podcasts. It's a long trip but she downloaded several last night using the hotel's free Wi-Fi, so has enough to stay entertained. On the cruise, Ruby takes lots of photos using her phone's camera. She'd love to share them with friends and family right away but uploading them using her roaming data may be expensive. And besides, there's no mobile reception anyway! She'll just have to wait.

    Back in her room, after the cruise, she uses the hotel's free Wi-Fi to upload the photos from her Photos app to her cloud account. She then sends a link that others can click on to see the photos. She uses the video calling app on her phone to talk about the day's adventures with her family, then gets ready for bed. Ruby plugs in her phone to make sure she has a full charge for tomorrow. And uses the eReader app on her phone to read an eBook before bed. She sets her phone's alarm for 7:00am. She wouldn't want to be late for her first bungee jump!