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Researching your trip online

They key to the success of any trip is in the planning! This course will show you some top tips and techniques for researching your holiday online. You’ll learn how to use comparison websites to find the best deals and how to check reviews for hotels, day trips and tours to ensure they are right for your holiday.

Getting ready to travel safely

With any trip or holiday comes great excitement and often some minor details can be forgotten. This course outlines some of the key things you need to consider to travel safely. You’ll learn about the importance of carrying photo identification, what you need to do if you’re travelling with medications and how travel insurance can set your mind at ease when travelling.

Booking travel and accessing your finances online

This course will outline the benefits of booking and paying for travel online or how you can use your online research to get the best price with a travel agent, if that’s your preferred method of booking travel. You’ll discover how you can save all of your bookings, tickets and boarding passes to your mobile device so you can easily access them while on the road. Importantly, this course will also show you how you can access your own finances when travelling at home and abroad.

Travelling in Australia

We are lucky to live in one of the most beautiful countries on earth! So, why not make the most of living in Australia and plan to get out and visit some of our world-renowned domestic destinations. In this course, you’ll follow Jan and Tom as they use the internet and their smartphone to plan and book an exciting trip from their home in Melbourne to Western Australia.

Travelling overseas

In this course, you’ll follow Ruby as she sets off on an exciting holiday to New Zealand and learn how she uses her mobile device to ensure her overseas trip is safe, convenient and enjoyable. You’ll also learn about some of the common tricks and scams that people fall victim to overseas and how you avoid them.