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  • Introduction to

    This course will introduce you to the Instagram social media platform. You’ll learn what Instagram is used for and how you can safely create and enjoy using an Instagram account of your own.

    First, we have a short video to watch that demonstrates how you can create a new post in Instagram.


    Welcome to 'Posting on Instagram'. Instagram is a social media platform that lets its users share photos and videos from any mobile device. In this video, Jeremy is going to post a photo to his Instagram account. While Instagram works the same on any device, the steps in this video may look a little different on yours. Don't worry though, you should still be able to follow along.

    To begin, Jeremy opens the Instagram app, by tapping on the app icon. For convenience, Jeremy stays logged in to his Instagram account, so his Home screen appears right away and he doesn't need to enter his username and password. His Home screen contains lots of photos and videos which, together, are called a feed. The photos and videos are posted by the people on Instagram that Jeremy follows. Jeremy could just keep scrolling through his feed to see what others have posted, but he's going to post a photo instead. His Instagram account is set to Private, which means that he'll be sharing the photo only with the people who follow him, and they'll be able to see it on their feeds.

    He finds the New Post icon at the top of his Home screen. It looks like a plus symbol in a box, and he taps on it to open the New post page. A grid of recent photos that Jeremy has taken on his phone appears at the bottom. The second photo is the one he wants to post, so he taps it. The photo appears in a square at the top of the screen. Jeremy uses a pinching-out gesture to zoom in on the image and crop the edges off. He also drags the image to move it around, and centre the subject of his photo on the screen. Once he's happy, he taps Next in the top right of the screen.

    Now, Jeremy can add an Instagram filter to his photo. He tries out a few by tapping on them, until he finds the perfect effect. For more detailed options, he taps on Edit at the bottom right of the screen. The first option, Adjust, changes the orientation of the image. He taps on it then looks for the Rotate icon at the top. It looks like a diamond inside two circular arrows or a circular arrow, depending on your device. Each time he taps the icon, the image rotates 90 degrees. This can be useful for some types of photos, but not this one. Jeremy taps Cancel at the bottom of the screen to return to the main Edit menu. Next, he taps Brightness and moves the slider left to make the image darker, then right to make it lighter, nice! Once he's happy with the image, he taps Done, then Next once more.

    Now, Jeremy writes a caption to appear alongside the image when he posts it. He could tap Tag people to identify people in the photo. But there's nobody else in this photo, so he leaves this alone. He taps Add location and searches for the cafe where the photo was taken. Here it is! Now his followers will see where the photo was captured.

    Lastly, he could tap the switch next to Facebook to post the photo to his Facebook profile as well as his Instagram, but he decides not to this time. And that's it! Jeremy taps on Share to share the photo with his followers! The photo will appear on their Home screen feeds. And it will also appear on Jeremy's Instagram Profile page, along with every other photo he's ever posted.