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    Using the
    search feature

    Our smartphones and tablets are like mini computers and can store a lot of information. For example, there are all of the apps for playing games, banking online, listening to podcasts, taking photos and many more. Plus, we also have contact address books, files, music and a lot more saved onto our device.

    But with so much information to hand, it's sometimes hard to find exactly what we are looking for. In this course, we show you how you can use the clever, built-in search feature to find apps, websites, contacts and more.

    Below you will find three options for learning how to do this.

    • Watch it: There's a short video to watch, demonstrating how to use your device's search feature.
    • Read it: You can read all about using the search feature in our handy online guide. You might also like to download the printable version of this guide to keep for future reference. You can find it in a range of languages under the Print the guide section at the bottom of this page.
    • Try it: For smart devices only. If you are using your smart device, why not have a go at practising your search skills. This fun activity takes you through how to use the search feature to find what you need.