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State and territory government services online

Each state and territory in Australia has dedicated online services available to their citizens for free. Explore the ways you can access online services in your state or territory and the range of benefits available to you. You’ll learn how to create an account and then discover some of the most common concessions and rebates that are available to you to save you money on your everyday cost of living.


Welcome to 'The benefits of accessing government services online'. In this video you'll discover some of the benefits available to you via your state or territory online service and how using government websites can save you time and money. There are dozens of government services online. From renewing your drivers licence to applying for travel concessions, the essential government information and assistance you need is right at your fingertips

Each Australian state and territory has a services website which collects lots of information about government services in the one place. They can also direct you to other useful websites. To find your services website, type "Service" into your computer's search engine followed by the name of your state or territory. You can also download an app for your state or territory to your mobile device. The app won't provide as many services as the website but it can let you use your smartphone to show your ID or proof of vaccination

To get the most from your state's services website you may need to create an account. You'll need to provide some identification such as a drivers licence or Medicare card and an email address. You'll also need to create a secure password for your account. Each services website looks slightly different, and the amount and type of information and services varies between states and territories. You can find what you're looking for by browsing the categories. Instead of going into a service centre office or making a phone call, many government services can be accessed more conveniently online. For example, depending on your state or territory you can check when your car registration is due and pay it online. You can also renew a fishing or boating licence, pay property tax, or stamp duty, or apply for documents such as a birth or death certificate. You can find out how to make a power of attorney or plan legal documents for end of life, including how to make a will

You can also learn about current health orders, how to report a crime or scam, and how to prepare for emergencies, such as a bushfire or flood. Online government services can also help save you money. They can help you find cheap fuel in your area and apply for travel concessions and seniors discounts. You can receive vouchers to help with the cost of living and check eligibility for rebates that can reduce your energy bills. You can also learn how to search for lost money, such as superannuation. These are just a sample of what government services online can offer and it's worth exploring the services website for your state or territory to find out all the ways you can benefit. Services and information are updated all the time too, so remember to check in frequently to discover what's new.

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