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  • How to use WhatsApp

    In this course, you will find out about WhatsApp. You will learn how to use WhatsApp to message your friends and family for free. This course will also teach you how to make free video calls using WhatsApp, and how this may affect your data usage.

    To get started, we also have a short animated video to watch below on How to make a video call with WhatsApp.


    - Welcome to 'How to make a video call with WhatsApp'. WhatsApp is a free app that lets people use their mobile device to make video calls and voice calls and to send text messages with photos. In this video, Suze will use WhatsApp on her Android phone to make a video call with her brother, Eugene. She can't wait to show him her new puppy. She's already downloaded the free app to her device from Google Play. But if she had an iPhone or iPad, she could download it from the Apple App Store.

    All video calls need the internet, but instead of using their phone's mobile data, Suze and her brother will each use their home Wi-Fi. This means they can chat for as long as they like and not worry about using up their mobile data allowance. First, Suze finds the WhatsApp icon on her Home screen. It looks like a phone inside a speech bubble. She taps on it to open the app, then taps on Calls from the row of options. The Calls screen opens to show a list of contacts with whom she has recently shared a WhatsApp call. Suze could tap any of these contacts to call them again, but as she hasn't made a WhatsApp call with her brother yet, he's not on the list. To fix this, she finds the New Call button, which looks like a green circle with a white phone and a plus icon in it. She taps on it to open her WhatsApp contact list. When Suze first installed WhatsApp, she gave the app permission to import contacts from her phone. This is a list of all the contacts on the Suze's phone, who also have WhatsApp installed on their device. If Suze's brother didn't have WhatsApp on his phone, she wouldn't be able to call him using the app. Luckily, he does, so she scrolls down the list until she sees his name. The phone icon to the right of his name is for making voice-only calls, but because she wants to see as well as speak to her brother, she taps the video call icon next to it. Eugene's iPhone starts ringing and a notification lets him know there's an incoming video call. He swipes it to open WhatsApp and accept the call.

    Eugene and Suze chat for a while before she introduces him to her new puppy. Suze taps the Flip button, which looks like a camera icon with arrows inside. This switches the video to the phone's rear camera. She points the phone at her sleeping puppy to give Eugene a better view on his iPhone. Near the Flip button are some other controls. Tapping Mute turns off the microphone so Suze can see but not hear him. Tapping Mute again turns the sound back on. And tapping this button, the camera, turns the camera off, so Suze will not be able to see him. Tapping it again turns it back on. Uh-oh, puppy has woken up. Suze presses the red End Call button to hang up. The little guy might be cute while he's sleeping, but he's a handful the rest of the time.