Topic outline

  • Home data vs mobile data

    In this course, you'll learn about how the data plan for a home internet account is separate from the data plan for a mobile phone account.

    You'll learn that home internet plans usually include a lot of data, while mobile plans have less.

    This means it's a good idea to connect your mobile phone to your home internet, over Wi-Fi, while you are at home. This course will explain how to do this in more detail.

    To get started, watch this short video that explains a day in the life of your data.


    This is Morris. Morris has a busy day lined up, not just at home, but also out and about. He'll use his phone's mobile data and Wi-Fi connection to stay connected to the internet wherever he is. Let's see how he goes. At breakfast, Morris uses the home Wi-Fi connection on his phone to check today's weather and his email. Because he's on Wi-Fi, this doesn't use any of his mobile data allowance. After breakfast, Morris heads on out.

    As he leaves the house, the Wi-Fi signal becomes weak and his phone switches to a 4G mobile data signal automatically. At the supermarket, Morris checks the ingredients of a recipe he wants to cook tonight. His phone has 4G mobile data reception so Morris can quickly get the information he needs without using much mobile data. After shopping, Morris grabs some lunch at the food court. There's free Wi-Fi at the cafe here, which Morris has used before.

    His phone remembers which Wi-Fi networks Morris has used, so it connects automatically. And because Morris is not using his mobile data, he takes his time to read a news site and checks what's on TV tonight. Morris knows that because this is a public Wi-Fi network, he shouldn't enter personal details into any site he visits. He also tries to only visit secure websites. After lunch, Morris heads home. His phone stays on the cafe's Wi-Fi until the signal gets too weak, then switches automatically to 4G mobile data. Home at last, Morris's phone reconnects to Wi-Fi. He can now use the internet as much as he wants without using up his mobile data.