Topic outline

  • Mobile banking basics
    practice area

    In this course, we look at some of the most common mobile banking tasks for smartphones and tablets, such as checking balances, statements and more.

    To help us get used to how a typical mobile banking app works, we also have special practice activities for you to hone your skills using our pretend bank – Squirrel Bank. As Squirrel Bank is not a real bank, you can practise these tasks as often as you like in a safe environment and, if you make a mistake, it doesn't matter as you can always have another go!

    Activities viewable on all devices in this course are:

    1. Mobile banking basics – a description of the key tasks covered in this course.

    Activities viewable on smartphones and tablets only are:

    1. Logging on and off – Squirrel Bank practice activity. How to log on to your banking app, and then how to log off.
    2. Checking transactions – Squirrel Bank practice activity. How to check account balances and an individual transaction, then log off.
    3. Managing statements – Squirrel Bank practice activity. How to follow the steps to find and download a statement, then log off.
    4. Getting help and support – Squirrel Bank practice activity. How to find the Squirrel Bank contact details, then log off.

    In the next course, Managing payments with mobile banking, there are more advanced Squirrel Bank practice activities where we show you how to transfer money between accounts, pay bills and set transaction limits.