Topic outline

  • Apple desktop:
    Managing storage

    This short, animated course shows you how to manage your Apple computer's hard drive so you don't run out of storage space. You will learn how to use the System Settings Storage feature to check what apps and items are using the most storage space, how much you have left, and how to delete unwanted files permanently.

    You'll also learn how to delete files directly from the desktop and retrieve them later from the Bin if you make a mistake. We also show you how to safely use a USB storage device to store files, and how to safely eject it as well.

    Watch our animation by pressing the Play button below, or click on the handy chapters' icon in the video playbar (it is the third icon from the right) to go straight to the information you want to see, such as how to:

    1. manage your computer's storage
    2. delete a file from the desktop
    3. copy a file to a USB storage device
    4. safely remove a USB stick.