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Apple desktop: Interactive guide

Apple desktop: Interactive guide

This interactive guide is a fun way to find out more about the features of your Apple desktop computer. Simply click on one of the pulsing circles to see short, easy-to-follow demonstrations and information cards.
Apple desktop: Prepare to set up

Apple desktop: Prepare to set up

This course is for anyone who has been given a pre-owned Apple desktop computer and wants to remove the previous owner's details in readiness to set it up safely for their own personal use.
Windows desktop: Set up

Apple desktop: Set up

This course is for anyone who has a brand new Apple desktop computer, or has just completed the 'Apple desktop: Prepare to set up' course above. This course shows you step-by-step how to set up your computer safely from scratch.
Windows desktop: Security and privacy

Apple desktop: Security and privacy

Learn about your computer's security and privacy features, including how to sign-in to your computer and how to check for software updates.
Windows desktop: Accessibility

Apple desktop: Accessibility

Learn how your Apple desktop computer can assist your day-to-day living, including how to make text easier to read on the screen, how to control the speed and size of your mouse pointer, and how to use voice commands.
Windows desktop: System settings

Apple desktop: System preferences

Learn how to customise your computer to suit you, including setting your preferred language, date and time zone, how to adjust the volume and screen brightness, plus how to check you are connected to Wi-Fi.
Windows desktop: Managing files

Apple desktop: Managing files

Learn how to organise and personalise your computer, including how to manage your files and folders, choose a different screen background, and add a picture to your email account.
Windows desktop: Managing attachments

Apple desktop: Managing attachments

Learn how to safely manage your email attachments, including how to save and scan an attachment for viruses, and how to share and print documents you have received.
Windows desktop: Managing storage

Apple desktop: Managing storage

Learn to keep your computer in peak performance, including how to save space, delete unwanted files, and recover files deleted by accident.