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What is smart home technology?

This course explains what a smart home is and how you can create a smart home of your own. You’ll be introduced to the voice assistant and learn how it can be used to control devices and appliances in your home.

How to set up smart home technology

This course shows you exactly what you need to set up a smart home of your own and explains that you don’t need to spend a fortune to control your devices and appliances with your voice.

You’ll be introduced to the Google Nest Mini and learn how a smart speaker is the heart of any smart home.

Using a voice assistant

This course will demonstrate how you can train your new smart speaker to recognise your voice and process your commands and requests. You’ll also learn about some of the basic tasks a voice assistant can help you with throughout your day.

Using smart home devices

Now that you understand the basics of the smart home set up, it’s time to learn some of the fun and useful things you can do with a voice assistant in your smart home. From checking weather reports and listening to news headlines and internet radio, discover it all here!

Using smart TVs

Ever wondered how to tell if your TV is a smart TV? This course explains how to easily identify if a TV is smart or not. It also explains that you can use a smart TV to not only watch free-to-air channels but also catch-up TV and view your own photos via a streamer.

TV, movie and music streaming services

This course looks at the different ways you can watch or listen to a world of entertainment using the internet on your devices and TVs. It looks at the most popular catch-up TV and on demand services available in Australia, how you can listen to radio programs and podcasts from around the world, and how to use YouTube to find and watch videos on almost every subject under the sun.

What is the cloud?

This course explains what the cloud is and how it is used to store and back-up your important documents. Chances are you’re already using the cloud without even knowing it! You’ll discover how the cloud is used in everyday life and how it can benefit you.

The cloud and you

Now that you know what the cloud is, this course teaches you how you can safely and securely create a cloud account of your own. You’ll learn how cloud providers keep your personal information and files safe and how you can manage the notifications your cloud account sends you.