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All about cloud subscription apps

This course explains what a cloud subscription is and outlines some of the included features and apps that come with a typical free cloud subscription. You’ll learn how to find out if you already have a cloud subscription, and how you can sign up for one if you need to.

Microsoft OneDrive apps

Microsoft’s cloud subscription is called OneDrive. You’ll learn about what’s included with a free OneDrive subscription, and what’s on offer with a paid Microsoft 365 subscription.

Apple iCloud apps

Apple’s cloud subscription is called iCloud. Free iCloud accounts come with all Apple devices, and you can also create one using any other device. Free iCloud accounts include limited storage and access to useful apps. iCloud+ is a paid subscription that offers increased storage and access to useful apps.

Google cloud apps

Google has a range of cloud subscription services. In this course, you’ll learn about what’s included in both free and paid Google cloud subscription services when it comes to included cloud storage and access to Google’s vast offering of cloud apps.

Other useful cloud apps

This course introduces you to some other useful cloud apps that can help you to organise your photos and documents, make video calls with your friends and family and organise your next holiday!