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What is smart home technology?

This course explains what a smart home is and how you can create a smart home of your own. You’ll be introduced to the voice assistant and learn how it can be used to control devices and appliances in your home.

How to set up smart home technology

This course shows you exactly what you need to set up a smart home of your own and explains that you don’t need to spend a fortune to control your devices and appliances with your voice.

You’ll be introduced to the Google Nest Mini and learn how a smart speaker is the heart of any smart home.

Using a voice assistant

This course will demonstrate how you can train your new smart speaker to recognise your voice and process your commands and requests. You’ll also learn about some of the basic tasks a voice assistant can help you with throughout your day.

Using smart home devices

Now that you understand the basics of the smart home set up, it’s time to learn some of the fun and useful things you can do with a voice assistant in your smart home. From checking weather reports and listening to news headlines and internet radio, discover it all here!

Using smart TVs

Ever wondered how to tell if your TV is a smart TV? This course explains how to easily identify if a TV is smart or not. It also explains that you can use a smart TV to not only watch free-to-air channels but also catch-up TV and view your own photos via a streamer.

Phishing scams

Learn how to identify phishing scams, how you can protect yourself against them and what to do in the unfortunate case that you’re the victim of a phishing scam.

Understanding web browsers

Understanding how web browsers like Chrome, Safari and Edge work can help keep us safer online. Find out how to manage cookies and browsing history, install a browser extension, and what browsing incognito really means.
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Safe passwords

This course will teach you the essentials of safe passwords, such as why we need safe passwords and how to make sure yours is as safe as possible. This course will teach you how to create safe passwords as well as common mistakes to avoid.
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Paying safely in shops and online

In this course, we look at the different ways to pay for goods in shops and online. We explain how to set up and use pay services, such as Google Pay and Apple Pay, plus how to make sure you get the best out of pay later services, such as AfterPay. We also have tips on what to do if your purchases don’t arrive.

Using a mouse

The mouse controls what happens on your computer screen. It lets you click on things on the screen and scroll up and down. Using a mouse is one of the most important things you need to be able to do to use computers and the internet.

Romance scams

This course shows you the different ways romance scams start and some of the telltale signs that someone you’ve met online might be a scammer. Learn how to avoid being the victim of a romance scam and how to report a suspected romance scam.

Investment scams

Investment scams can take many forms. This course shows you how to identify an investment scam, how to look into the background of investment companies and how to avoid being the victim of such scams.

Remote access scams

Remote access scammers rely on their victims having limited knowledge of technology. This course teaches you how to identify a remote access scam and provides tips on how to avoid being scammed.

Crypto scams

Learn all there is to know about crypto scams and how you can avoid being caught up in such a scam. You’ll find out how to identify the telltale signs of a crypto scam and what you can do to report a suspected scam.

Practice area for laptop and desktop computers

Practise browsing the internet and build your mouse and keyboard skills. These activities are perfect for beginners working on a laptop or desktop computer.

  • Type text into a field
  • Learn about the keyboard
  • When and how to double click
  • Get out of a right-click menu
  • How to close a pop-up box
  • How to use Google Search
  • Search using the address bar

State and territory government services online

Each state and territory in Australia has dedicated online services available to their citizens for free. Explore the ways you can access online services in your state or territory and the range of benefits available to you. You’ll learn how to create an account and then discover some of the most common concessions and rebates that are available to you to save you money on your everyday cost of living.

What you can do with your photos

Learn how your computer stores and organises your photos and how you can transfer your photos onto your computer from your camera and other devices. Explore our handy animation to discover the top seven ways to take photos like a pro!
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Getting setup for video calling

In this course, you will learn what equipment you need in order to get set up for video calling. This includes a webcam, speakers/headphones, and a mic; these are commonly already built into your computer or mobile device.
computer keyboard

Using a keyboard

In this topic you will learn how to use a computer keyboard to type text and numbers. The course will also show you how to use a keyboard to find your way around your computer and perform other simple tasks.
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Using the internet

In this course, you will learn all about browsing the internet. The course covers using a web browser to view websites, creating bookmarks and what copyright means online.
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What is a computer?

Would you like to know the absolute essentials of what a computer is? In this course, you will learn about the components of a computer, including the screen, the keyboard and the mouse.

How to use Skype

In this course, you will learn how to set up and use Skype. What is Skype? It is software you can use on your computer or device that lets you make video and audio calls.
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Using online forms

In this course you will learn what an online form is, how to fill in forms on a website and how to correct mistakes on them. The course will also show you the different ways to complete online forms, such as text boxes and multiple choice answers.
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What is a laptop?

In this course you will learn about a laptop - what it is and the essentials of how to use one. You will learn about how to turn on and power a laptop as well how to use the keyboard and the trackpad. 
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Avoiding scams and tricks

We have all heard of the scams and tricks that can happen online, but in this course, you will learn that it's actually not that difficult to stay safe online, you just need to follow a few simple steps.

How to use WhatsApp

In this course, you will learn about WhatsApp. You will learn how to use WhatsApp to message your friends and family for free. This course will also teach you how to make free video calls using WhatsApp and how this may affect your data.

Using a touchscreen

More and more phones and computers are being made with a screen that you can touch. In this topic you will learn about how to use a touchscreen on a mobile phone or tablet computer. The course will cover basic and more advanced touchscreen controls. You will also find out about getting the most out of your touchscreen smartphone or tablet.
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Using email

In this course, you will learn all about email accounts on the internet. The course covers how to set-up an email account, as well as how to open, read and send emails safely.
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