Glossary of tech terms

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A small symbol or image on the screen that represents a program, file or folder.

Image properties

These are the specific details related to your photos. E.g. dimensions, file size, quality.

Image-based abuse (IBA)

Also called 'revenge porn'. IBA happens when intimate images or videos are shared without the consent of the person pictured.


A popular social networking site that allows you to share pictures and videos with others. Its most popular feature is the ability to apply 'filters' to make pictures look more appealing.


The process of putting an application or program on your device.


A global network of virtually and physically connected computers. The computers can all talk to each other and share information.

Internet banking

Using a computer or smart device to conduct banking transactions either via a web browser or an app. Sometimes known as online banking or mobile banking, depending on the type of device being used.

Internet radio

Radio stations that are accessed via the internet. Internet radio allows you to listen to radio stations from all over the world without having to be in range of their radio signals.

Internet service provider

A company that can provide you with access to the internet. E.g. Telstra, Optus.Also known by its initials: ISP.


An operating system developed by Apple for the iPhone and iPad.


A type of tablet manufactured by Apple.


A type of smartphone manufactured by Apple.


Short for Internet Service Provider.

iTunes Store

The official music, movie and tv program store for all Apple devices, where you can purchase and download music to, or watch movies or tv on, your device.