Glossary of tech terms

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An operating system developed by Apple for their laptop and desktop computers.


Part of a computing device such as a tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop computer that captures audio.


The company behind the Windows operating system, PCs (personal computers), Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and many other premium programs and devices.

Mobile banking

Undertaking banking tasks using a mobile device and an official banking app.

Mobile device

The name given to any smart device that can be carried with you. It usually refers to a smartphone or tablet.

Mobile networks: 3G, 4G and 5G

3G, 4G and 5G are the networks that connect your mobile phone to the internet and mobile phone network. The G stands for Generation so 3G means 3rd generation, 4G means 4th generation and 5G means 5th generation. The higher the number, the faster and newer the network.


The screen that shows you what you are doing on the computer.


A little hardware device that you move with your hand to move the cursor and click on objects on a computer screen. Called a mouse because the original mouses (plural for computer mouse) had tail-like cables connecting them to computers and they resembled their namesake from the animal kingdom. You can still purchase a mouse with a cable, but many are now cable-free and connect to your computer via Bluetooth.

Mouse pad

A small mat of fabric or plastic that you can place on your desk to slide the mouse over.

Mouse pointer

Another name for the cursor.