Glossary of tech terms

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Larger than a smartphone and smaller than a laptop, tablets are like handheld computers with a touchscreen.


A crypto-asset that runs on top of another cryptocurrency’s blockchain. They can be held or traded like any other cryptocurrency.


The substitute for a mouse on laptops. You move your finger around on it to move the cursor. Also known as a trackpad.


Found on all modern smartphones, tablets and some laptops, this is a glassy screen that responds to touch. You use your finger to gently tap, swipe or scroll on objects on the screen.


See Touchpad.


The name given to the short messages that people communicate in on the social networking site, Twitter.


A social networking site used to broadcast short messages on your thoughts, opinions, quotes, or anything else of interest to your audience of people that can see your messages (known as followers).

Two-factor authentication

A security feature used by online companies to confirm your identity when logging onto their platform. Usually in the form of a unique code that is sent to your mobile device, which you need to enter as a part of the log in procedure.