Glossary of tech terms

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To send something such as a file or picture to somewhere else online. E.g. upload a picture to Facebook.


Short for Uniform Resource Locator. It's also known as the web address. For example, the URL for Be Connected is, but you can also type in and it would still work.


Short for Universal Serial Bus (you don't need to ever remember what it stands for), a USB port is a type of socket found on most computers that's used to connect things like a cabled keyboard, mouse, printer, camera or external hard drive. Newer computers are using a smaller, more recent, adaptation of the original USB, known as a USB-C. The USB-C port and connectors are different to the original USB, but there are adaptors available so you can still use older USB connectors and cables.


A unique name that identifies someone on a computer, app or program. For protected information, a unique username must be used along with a strong password in order to identify the user to the application, program or company.