Glossary of tech terms

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Web address

The address where you can find a specific website. For example, is a web address.

Web browser

An application you use to browse the internet like Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari etc.

Web camera (webcam)

A camera used for video calling. Modern devices have built-in cameras, but for older computers you can still buy special cameras that can be plugged into the computer using a USB or USB-C connector.

Web link

A button or highlighted phrase inside a web page that, when you click on it, takes you to a different page. A link is also known as a hyperlink.

Web page

An individual 'page' that you see on your screen. It can contain text, graphics or links to other web pages. The page you are reading now is an example of a web page.


One or more related web pages belonging to an individual, organisation or company. The Be Connected site is an example of a website. Accessed by typing in its unique web address into a web browser address bar or via a search engine, most websites have a landing page, which is also known as its homepage. From this page you can click on hyperlinks or other linked buttons to navigate from one page to another within the website.


A popular application used to make video calls and sending and receiving messages and/or pictures.


The term used for a high speed internet connection that can be used by smart devices and computers without needing to be physically connected to it with cables.


An operating system developed by Microsoft for computers, smartphones and tablets.


Short for the World Wide Web, also known as the Web, and is the term used to describe the collection of information and users on the internet that are using a particular method, or protocol, of communicating with each other. This protocol is known as Hypertext Transfer Protocol, or http for short.