Using the microphone and speakers


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Using the microphone and speakers

Grandparents chatting to their grandson over a video call

What's coming up?

In this activity, you'll learn about talking and listening when on a video call.

You will find out how you should talk when making a video call, and how to adjust the volume to better hear the person you're talking to.

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A tablet showing the location of the speakers - which are on the edge of the device

How does it work?

When you make a video call, the microphone on your computer or device captures your voice and sends it to the other person over the internet. Your voice then plays through their device's speakers.

The voice of the person you're calling will be captured by their device, sent to you over the internet, and played through the speakers of your device. This all happens in real time.

If you can't hear them clearly, you can increase the sound by pressing the volume button on your device.

Speaking naturally

When making a video call, it's best to just speak naturally. You don't need to shout. The microphone on your computer, tablet or smartphone should pick up your voice just fine.

An illustration representing the fact that you don't have to shout when on a video call
A close up of a keyboard with the volume control buttons

Adjusting volume on a desktop or laptop

You can adjust the sound on most laptops and desktop computers by using the keyboard.

The location of the volume buttons may vary depending on the keyboard, but the volume symbol will probably look like a speaker.

On some desktop computers, the speakers (or monitor, if it has built-in speakers) will also have a volume control dial or button, just like on an older television set or radio.

Adjusting volume on a smartphone or tablet

If you need to hear the other person better, the volume buttons on a smartphone and tablet are usually located along the edge. There will be one button to increase and one to decrease the volume.

A smart phone with the side of the device highlighted as that is usually where the volume buttons are located
Two friends video chatting to each other using a tablet and headphones


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It's best to talk naturally during a video chat. If the other person has trouble hearing you, they can adjust their volume. If you have trouble hearing them, then you can adjust your volume.

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