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Contacts in FaceTime

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Contacts in FaceTime work a little bit differently to WhatsApp and Skype. In this activity, we're going to guide you through adding contacts to FaceTime so you can call other people.

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A list of contacts in the FaceTime app

What are FaceTime contacts?

Unlike Skype and WhatsApp, FaceTime does not have its own contacts list. Instead it uses your phone, tablet or computer's existing phone and email contacts list.

For example, you probably have a list of people in your iPhone's contacts list so that you can make phone calls to people you know. FaceTime can automatically figure out which of those people have FaceTime. If any of them have FaceTime, you'll be able to video call them.

Adding someone to your contacts list

Because FaceTime uses your existing contacts list, any time you add somebody to that contacts list, they'll also be added to FaceTime.

Adding contacts on an iPad

On an iPad, you would tap on the Contacts symbol on your home screen, and then on the '+' button to enter a new contact.

Featuring the FaceTime app on a tablet that highlights a plus symbol
Featuring the FaceTime app on a smartphone that highlights a plus symbol

Adding contacts on an iPhone

On an iPhone, you can click on the Phone symbol, then on the Contacts button. Then press '+' to add a new contact.

Adding an iPad contact

Let's watch Mary adding a contact to her iPad. Mary would like to add a person to her iPad contacts list so that she can FaceTime with them.

Click Play on the next video to watch how a contact can be added for FaceTime video calling.

Dmitri's new friend

Dmitri just met someone he'd like to FaceTime with. How does he add them to FaceTime?

Take a photo of their face.

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Sorry, that's not the correct answer.

Before you can FaceTime a new friend, you need to add their contact details to your contact list.

Add them to his iPhone, iPad or Macintosh computer's contacts list.

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That's right.

FaceTime uses the same contacts list you use to make phone calls and send emails.

A young lady enjoying video chatting with friends


Well done, you've reached the end of the Contacts in FaceTime activity.

You should now know that adding contacts to FaceTime is done exactly the same way you'd add someone's phone number or email address to your contacts list. Once you've added them to your contacts list, FaceTime will let you call anybody on the list who also has FaceTime.

In the next activity, Making calls in FaceTime, we'll look at how to make video calls using FaceTime.