Getting to know FaceTime


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Getting to know FaceTime

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In this activity, we're going to go over some FaceTime basics - how it works, who you can call with FaceTime and how much it costs to use.

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How FaceTime works

FaceTime lets you make video calls to people on your iPhone, iPad and Macintosh computer's contacts list. Anybody on your contacts list who also has FaceTime can be called.

Just like with WhatsApp and Skype, when you video call someone, you will see their face full screen, while a small screen will show your face so you know what you look like.

What devices can I use FaceTime on?

FaceTime is only available on devices made by Apple Computer, such as the iPhone, iPad and Apple Macintosh computers. You'll only be able to call other people who have these devices.

FaceTime comes already installed on Apple devices.

To start using FaceTime, you need to first find it on your device. Look for a folder called Applications, then look for FaceTime. Ask a friend, family member or network centre staff member for help if you can't find it.

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How much does it cost to make calls

Making video calls with FaceTime is free. You can talk for as long as you like to as many people you like and you won't be charged.

Using FaceTime on an iPhone, however, may use your mobile data, which may result in additional costs. You can avoid this by making sure you use a Wi-Fi internet connection for any video calls.

Who can you call?

True or false? You can use FaceTime to call a friend who has an Android phone.


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Sorry, that's not right.

FaceTime is only for Apple devices, so you won't be able to call an Android phone.


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Yes, that's right. FaceTime works only on Apple devices.

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Well done, you've finished the Getting to know FaceTime activity.

In this course you've learnt about how FaceTime works, that FaceTime works only on Apple devices and that it costs nothing for FaceTime users to call each other.

In the next activity, Contacts in FaceTime, you'll learn how to add friends and family to FaceTime so that you can call them.