Making a contacts list


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Making a contacts list

Two people video chatting together

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Before you can video chat with anybody on Skype, you need to create a Skype contacts list.

In this activity, we'll look at how to create a Skype contacts list, plus ways to find and add new contacts, so that you can quickly call people when you need to.

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An example of a few different people in a contact list

What is the Skype contacts list?

The Skype contacts list is like your personal phone directory. You create a list of all the people you'd like to speak to on Skype, so that all you need to do is click on their name to start a chat.

Adding people from your existing contacts list

You can use the email and phone contacts in your computer or smartphone to quickly create a Skype contact list.

First, Skype will ask you for permission to add the people in your computer or mobile phone's contacts lists to Skype. If you agree, Skype finds those people who have Skype and adds them to your Skype contact list. That way you can talk to them immediately.

A list of people who are contacts on Skype on the left hand side of the window

Adding new contacts

Even if someone is not in the contact list of your computer or smartphone, you can still add them in Skype. Let's follow Mary who wants to add her friend, Dmitri, to her contact list in Skype.

Select the Continue button below and then press Play on the next slide to see this in action.

Shows a magnified example of the button to add a contact in Skype

Accepting contact requests from friends and family

Before you can call someone on Skype, you need to receive their permission. Likewise, if someone wants to call you on Skype, they need to get your permission.

When somebody tries to add you to their Skype contact list, you will get a message asking if they can call you.

If you accept, they will be able to call you. If you decline, they won't able to contact you.

Fast friends

What's the quickest way to fill your contacts list?

By using your existing phone or email contacts.

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That's right.

Skype will look at your contacts list and figure out which ones have Skype. It will then add them for you.

By typing their names into the Skype Search bar.

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Not really.

You can do it this way, but you'll have to add people one by one.

A couple enjoying video chatting to their family


Well done, you've come to the end of the Making a contacts list activity.

Once you've added people to your Skype contacts list, calling them is very easy. It really only needs one click or tap to start a call.

In the next activity, Making a call with Skype, you will find out how to make a video call to someone in your contacts list.