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computer keyboard

Using a keyboard

In this topic you will learn how to use a computer keyboard to type text and numbers. The course will also show you how to use a keyboard to find your way around your computer and perform other simple tasks.

Using a mouse

The mouse controls what happens on your computer screen. It lets you click on things on the screen and scroll up and down. Using a mouse is one of the most important things you need to be able to do to use computers and the internet.

Using a touchscreen

More and more phones and computers are being made with a screen that you can touch. In this topic you will learn about how to use a touchscreen on a mobile phone or tablet computer. The course will cover basic and more advanced touchscreen controls. You will also find out about getting the most out of your touchscreen smartphone or tablet.

Using a computer

In this topic you will learn about the basic functions of a computer and how to use one safely. You will learn how to turn a computer on and off, and how to change the settings so that it suits your needs. The course will also teach you about the different parts of a computer.