Colin's Facebook story


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Colin's Facebook story

Colin uses his tablet in the comfort of his own home

What's coming up

Welcome to the first activity of the Using Facebook course.

In this activity, you'll meet Colin and find out how Facebook can help him.

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Keeping in touch with family

Say hello to Colin.

Colin's daughter Lizzie has moved to Italy with her family.

An image of a world map, magnified on Italy
Showing Lizzie being a tourist in Italy with a map and a bike

Colin wishes that he could speak to Lizzie as much as he did when she was living closer to him.

Lizzie tells Colin to sign up to a site called Facebook to help them keep in touch.

Shows a smartphone with teh Facebook login screen
Shows an avatar and name of Lizzie Warhusrt an 'add friend' and a 'message' button

How Facebook can help

How can Facebook help Colin keep in touch with Lizzie?

The people you connect with on Facebook are known as friends.

Colin can use Facebook to connect with his friends and relatives who are already signed up.

Facebook will show Colin the things that his friends have written or added to their pages.

These things are known as updates.

A computer screen showing Colin's Facebook homepage
Shows another person's facebook page as seen by Colin

Colin can also use Facebook to respond to his friends' updates and send them messages.

Getting started with Colin

Well done, you've come to the end of the Colin's Facebook story activity.

With so much to look forward to, Colin signs up to Facebook.

In this course, you'll see how Colin can use Facebook to keep in touch with Lizzie and his other friends and family who have joined the site.

In the next activity, Creating your Facebook profile, you'll see how Colin can create his own, personalised, profile page.

Colin sits in his armchair while using Facebook to connect with Lizzie