Finding places special to you


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Finding places special to you

A girl showing her grandmother the village she grew up in on Google Earth.

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Google Earth lets you take a trip down memory lane to find those special places in your life, whether they be on the other side of town or the other side of the world.

In this activity, you'll learn about using Google Earth to explore your own history.

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Revisit the places of your past

You can use Google Earth to visit places from your past, such as the house where you grew up, your first school or where you first worked.

A school as you might see it from the street view mode in Google Earth.
An aerial shot of a suburban neighbourhood as you might see it in Google Earth.

Walk around your old neighbourhood

You can search for the exact address, or zoom out for a view of the suburb. You can then use Street View to drop down to ground level and travel through the streets.

Search far and wide

Of course, Google Earth covers the entire world, so if you immigrated to Australia, it's just as easy to go back and walk the virtual streets of your old city to see how things have changed over the years.

Likewise, you might visit the town where your ancestors lived before they made the journey to Australia.

A beautiful, colourful village in the Netherlands.
An old town square with a town hall in Europe or South America.

Play detective

Your old neighbourhood may have changed, and buildings been replaced, but you can still find your way using familiar sights.

Find a familiar landmark like a place of worship, post office or town hall and then retrace your steps using Street View, keeping an eye out for things that you recognise.


You’ve completed the Find places special to you activity. You've learned that it's easy to track down old places even if they don't turn up when you search for the address.

Coming up next, you'll learn about the more complicated features of Google Earth in the Become a Google Earth champion! activity.

A colourful blue house on a street.