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Take a virtual trip!

An aerial view photograph of someone researching a trip on their computer. They are surrounded by maps, photographs and notes.

What's coming up?

Google Earth is your boarding pass to visit exotic locations from the comfort of your lounge room.

In this activity, we’ll zoom across to Paris and take a virtual trip to the iconic Eiffel Tower.

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See the sights

You can use Google Earth to take a virtual holiday to an exotic location and be back in time for dinner.

You can check out places you've always wanted to visit, plan for a big trip, or perhaps re-live your adventures and see how things have changed.

A screenshot of Google Earth showing an island in the Maldives with some information about the island the surrounding area.
A screenshot of Google Earth showing an aerial view of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

Next stop, Paris

With Google Earth, Paris is just a search away. You can check out the entire city or jump straight to your favourite tourist attraction, from the Arc de Triomphe and the famous cobblestones of the Champs-Élysées to the impressive Eiffel Tower.

Admire the view

Visit the Eiffel Tower and you'll notice how impressive it looks in 3D. Rather than just relying on satellite and aerial images, Google Earth creates 3D models of many famous landmarks to help them look their best.

If you enabled Photos, you'll also see amazing tourist photos that people have taken of the tower, along with the view from the top.

A screenshot of Google Earth showing the Eiffel Tower in 3D.
A screenshot of Google Earth showing points of interest around the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Explore the surroundings

Look around the Eiffel Tower and you'll see plenty of fascinating Points of Interest (POIs) marked on the map.

As you move around the map, zoom in and out using the + and controls on the map controls to see more POIs come into view.

Take a boat ride

Street View isn't just for streets. Click on or drag the person icon from the map controls onto the map, and you'll see the blue Street View lines also run along the river Seine.

You can use the white arrows to change your position, and drag the map to rotate it so you can admire the view of the Eiffel Tower from the water.

A screenshot of Google Earth showing the view of the Eiffel Tower from a boat on the river – you feel as if you are right there on the boat exploring Paris by water.
A screenshot of Google Earth offering more information on the Eiffel Tower such as its height, when construction was started as well as the architects and more.

Find out more

When you visit a landmark like the Eiffel Tower, you'll see an information card pop up at the top right to tell you more about it.

You can click the link to visit an informative Wikipedia page, plus you'll find a People also explore option below to take you on a tour of other nearby popular attractions.


You’ve completed the Take a virtual trip! activity – well done! You've learned that Google Earth is a great way to travel the world, letting you search for practically any point of interest, zoom in for a good look and then learn more about the surrounding attractions.

Next up, we’ll see how Google Earth can deliver amazing interactive experiencees in the Introducing Voyager activity.

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