How can the internet help with family history?


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How can the internet help with family history?

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In this activity, you will learn how the internet can help you research and create your family history.

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Family history on the internet

Building a family history starts with finding records about family members, and then confirming them. The internet can help with that.

You can use the internet to search for the names of your relatives, but there are also great services that can find information for you.

Discovering family records

Researching a family history used to mean going to places that hold historical records and digging through them, hoping to find something relating to your ancestors.

These days, the internet can help you search online for the records you need, and maybe find records you don’t even suspect might exist.

An illustration of a family tree being created using the internet
An illustration of links between people in a typical online family tree website

Recording and managing information

To make the most of information from the internet about your family, it pays to organise what you find. The internet can help here, with handy tools and services.

Some tools are online, so you use them in a web browser on your computer, smartphone or tablet. Others can be downloaded and installed so that you can keep all the information on your computer.

Focus on the family

Family history tools are generally easy to use. That means you can pay attention to the interesting things about your family history, while the tool organises and presents the information.

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Well done. You’ve come to the end of the How can the internet help with family history? activity. You've learned that internet tools and services can help you find information and have fun creating a family history.

Next up, we'll explore those tools a bit more in the Family history tools activity.

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