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Understanding web browsers

Understanding how web browsers like Chrome, Safari and Edge work can help keep us safer online. Find out how to manage cookies and browsing history, install a browser extension, and what browsing incognito really means.
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Safe passwords

This course will teach you the essentials of safe passwords, such as why we need safe passwords and how to make sure yours is as safe as possible. This course will teach you how to create safe passwords as well as common mistakes to avoid.
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Paying safely in shops and online

In this course, we look at the different ways to pay for goods in shops and online. We explain how to set up and use pay services, such as Google Pay and Apple Pay, plus how to make sure you get the best out of pay later services, such as AfterPay. We also have tips on what to do if your purchases don’t arrive.
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Avoiding scams and tricks

We have all heard of the scams and tricks that can happen online, but in this course, you will learn that it's actually not that difficult to stay safe online, you just need to follow a few simple steps.
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Downloading and saving documents

This course will teach you about how to download documents from the internet safely. This topic will look at different types of document formats and which ones are the safest to download.
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Help and support

This course will teach you about how to get help and support to continue to interact safely online.