Web addresses and links


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Web addresses and links

A tablet with an ebay page displayed

What's coming up

Starting the web browser application is the first step towards exploring the internet. The next step is to enter a web address into the browser so you can visit a website on the internet. In this activity, you'll learn how to do that, as well as learn about what a web address is.

This activity will also look at what a website and a web page is, how to open a website in your browser, and how to follow links, or hyperlinks, around the web.

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What is a website?

Websites, or sites, are places on the internet where you can find information, pay bills, play games, share photos and stories with others, and more. Banks, shops, governments and even individual people can have a website.

Each website is made up of pages. A web page can show text, images, video and sound.

A computer screen displaying the ABC News web page
A web address for the ABC sports page enlarged and highlighted on a computer screen

What is a web address?

You may have heard of www in connection with the internet. This stands for worldwide web and it usually appears at the beginning of a web address. Every website has a unique address, and if you type a web address into a browser, it will go to that site and open it.

Web addresses may look strange at first but they're usually made up of www followed by two or more words, separated by dots. For example, the ABC's web address is www.abc.net.au.

Let's type a web address

If you know the address of a website you want to visit, you can
type it into your browser. Let's watch how it's done.

Click continue to watch the video on the next screen.

What is a web link?

On a web page, you may notice that some words or phrases are underlined or coloured, usually in blue. These are called web links, also known as hyperlinks, and they can help you move around the internet.

When you move the cursor over a web link, you'll see that the pointer changes, usually to a pointing hand.

A computer showing the ABC website, with the Programs web link highlighted and the pointer displaying as a hand

When you click on it, the web link will take you to a different web page. The address in the Address bar will change, and the page you're currently looking at will be replaced by the page that the web link points to.

A new page, Programs, displayed on the computer screen
A web page displayed on a computer screen, with the Back button highlighted

If you click on a web link but want to go back to the page you were just at, you can press the back button on your web browser. This looks like an arrow pointing left, and takes you back to the previous page.

Let's take a look at a web link in action. On the next slide, click the play button to watch the short video demonstration.

A computer screen showing a web page from the National Library of Australia


Well done, you've come to the end of the Web addresses and links activity.

You should now know:

  • What a website and a web address is.
  • How to type an web address into a browser.
  • How to use web links to visit web pages.

There is another way to find websites on the internet too, and we'll look at this in the next activity, Search engines.