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What is Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is a convenient way to use the internet without having to connect your devices to your internet with cables. Learn more about how to connect to Wi-Fi in your home and what the difference is between Wi-Fi and 4G or 5G mobile networks.
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Home networks

A home network lets you use any number of devices on one home internet plan. Read about what you need for a home network, how to set it all up, and different ways to connect to it.
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Wi-Fi on the go

You can connect to the internet from Wi-Fi that isn’t your own, and in this course you’ll read about how to connect and safely use Wi-Fi in places such as shops, libraries, cafes and airports.
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Mobile networks

Mobile networks are similar to Wi-Fi but are specifically for small and mobile devices such as smartphones. This course will teach you about which mobile internet plans you can purchase and how to choose one to suit your needs and budget.