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Posting a tweet

The Twitter logo and mobile device using Twitter

What's coming up?

Now that you've set up your Twitter account, followed some interesting users and strengthened your privacy settings, you’re ready to post your first Tweet!

This activity will show you how you can post a Tweet and the different types of content you can post. In this demonstration, we are using a mobile device, but you can still follow along if you are using Twitter on a laptop or desktop computer.

Start activity
The new tweet icon.

Creating a new tweet

A post on Twitter is called a tweet. Tweets can be up to 280 characters long (including spaces and punctuation) and can include photos, links, GIFs and videos.

Creating a new tweet is simple and easy. From the Home screen, tap the Tweet icon in the bottom-right of screen. It looks like a + symbol next to a feather.

Composing a tweet

The new tweet screen appears, ready for you to compose your tweet. You can create a tweet by simply typing your text into the What’s happening? field. Tap into the field and the keyboard on your mobile device will appear.

The compose a tweet screen
Icons refelcting a range of content types

Adding media to your tweet

In addition to text, you can include the following in your tweet:

  • A live audio or video recording.
  • A photo or video that is saved on your device.
  • A GIF, which is a short sequence of photos or snippet of a video that runs on a loop that you can select from a list of available GIFs on Twitter.
  • A poll, where you ask your followers for feedback on a question with two possible answers.
  • Your location.

Who can reply to your tweet?

The Who can reply option allows you to control who can reply to your Tweet. Tap the Everyone can reply text to see the different participants:

  • Everyone. This is the default setting and means that any other Twitter user in the world can post a reply to your Tweet
  • People you follow. This allows only people who follow you to post a reply to your Tweet
  • Only people you mention. This allows only people you have mentioned in your tweet to reply to it.
Selecting who can reply to your tweet

eSafety Tip

To mention another Twitter user in your tweet, type the @ symbol immediately followed by their Twitter username, without any spaces in between.

The Tweet icon

Posting your tweet

Now that you’ve composed your tweet and decided who can respond to it, you’re ready to post it for people to see! Carefully check the text and any photos or videos in your Tweet and then tap Tweet in the top-right of the screen.


eSafety Tip

It’s important to remember that your Tweet is live as soon as you tap Tweet. People will be able to read it, watch any videos and comment on it instantly.

Deleting tweets

If you find that you’ve accidentally posted a tweet before you intended to, it can always be deleted. To delete a tweet, follow these instructions:

  1. Navigate to your Profile page
  2. Locate the tweet you wish to delete
  3. Tap the three horizontal dots next to the Tweet
  4. Tap Delete Tweet.
Deleting a tweet
The direct message icon

Direct Messages

Twitter allows you to send Direct Messages to other Twitter users. These messages can only be seen by the person or select group of people you send it to, and are not visible to the other Twitter users.

To send a Direct Message:

  1. Tap the Envelope icon in the bottom-right of screen
  2. Enter the Twitter username of the person you want to send the message to
  3. Type your message in the Start a message field
  4. Tap the Send icon which looks like a right pointing arrow.


Fleets are similar to tweets, however they are only visible for 24 hours. To add a Fleet, navigate to the Home screen and tap the Add icon in the top-right of the screen on Apple devices, and the top left on Android devices. It looks like a + symbol with your profile picture.

You are then presented with the different types of content you can post as a Fleet. These include:

  • Text. Type a message
  • Camera roll or Gallery. Share photos and videos from your mobile device
  • Capture. Use your device’s camera on to take a photo
  • Video. Use your device’s camera to take video.

The process of posting Fleet is the same as posting a Tweet. Once you’ve composed your Fleet, tap the Fleet icon in the top-right corner to post it. Fleets can only be seen by users who follow your Twitter account.

The add a new fleet icon.
A completed and posted tweet


You’ve just completed the Posting a tweet activity and now know how to post content to your Twitter account. Now, learn about some common scams on Twitter in the Common Twitter scams and how to protect yourself against them activity.