How to charge a tablet


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How to charge a tablet

A power cable being plugged into a tablet

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Like a laptop computer, a tablet can run on battery power. In this activity, we're going to look at how you check the battery level on a tablet, and how to recharge the battery.

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How to check the power

When the tablet is turned on, you'll see a battery power symbol near the top right of the screen. It looks like a battery.

The symbol shows how much charge is left in the battery. If it appears to be nearly empty, it's time to recharge.

How often you need to recharge a tablet will depend on how much you use it, and what you do on it. Watching videos, for example, uses more power than browsing the web.

A battery power symbol highlighted on tablet
A tablet plugged into the mains power to recharge the battery

When and how to recharge a tablet

When you want to charge the battery, you'll need to plug the tablet into a power source. You can continue to use the tablet while it's charging, however.

There are two ways you can do this. You can charge your tablet from the mains power. All tablets come with a power cord that will plug into a wall socket.

The second way you can recharge a tablet is by using the cable that came with it to connect to a computer. The cable transfers power from the computer to the tablet to recharge the battery.

A tablet connected to a computer to recharge its battery
A full battery symbol highlighted on a tablet

How you know when it's full

You can tell if a tablet is charged by turning it on when it's plugged in. The battery symbol will show that it's full, and the tablet might also show that it's 100% charged.


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Depending on how much you use it, and what you do on your tablet, the battery may last for many hours or even days before you need to recharge.

In the following activity, Using a touchscreen, you will learn how to use a touchscreen to control a tablet.

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