Frank wearing headphones with a laptop open

“If you had an orange, you’d give half of it just to get a look at a TV,” he smiles. “Everyone wanted to have a watch.”

“Technology has developed so much, you can forgive me if I don’t adapt to it so quickly.”

But adapt he has and now he makes regular video calls to his granddaughters, who give him a tour of their garden.

“It’s like being in the yard with them and it’s great,” he says.

Frank also video calls his younger brother in Adelaide.

To be able to do this, Frank joined Be Connected’s webinar, Connecting to Others Online, which shows how to use video calling apps.

“The webinars are great as they give people ideas on how they can use the technology,” he says.

“And the instructor, Greg, is a really good communicator.”

If you haven’t done one of our webinars yet, find out why they are so popular. From video calls to avoiding scams, these engaging online presentations provide vital skills and knowledge to help you online.

Last modified: Monday, 18 December 2023, 5:46 PM