Organising your apps


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Organising your apps

A tablet device with an array of apps on the screen

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It’s easy and fun to download apps, but the more you have, the harder they might become to find on your device.

In this activity, you'll learn the benefits of organising your apps, and how to do it.

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A typical smartphone screen with a number of different apps on display

Time to organise your apps

You can easily collect lots of apps, and they can be hard to use if you have to search across many home screens on your device to find them.

You can make apps easy to use by grouping them into folders, or on 'like-with-like' pages.

Grouping similar apps

You can group apps simply by putting similar apps next to each other. You can put social media together, for example, then all your banking apps or government apps and so on.

A smartphone screen showing all communication apps grouped together
A typical smartphone screen showing different app icons

Arrange apps on different pages

Your phone can have just one home screen or many. A good way of organising things is having different types of apps on different home screens. You can place your most frequently used apps on one page, followed by all your games apps, for example.

Place apps into folders

Arranging similar apps into folders is a good way to reduce the number of home screens you need to swipe through to find an app.

Most Android phones, for example, may already have several Google apps in a folder. But you can create additional folders for, say, games, accounts or photo apps easily on both Apple and Android devices.

Game apps grouped into a folder on a smartphone screen to make them easier to find

Organising apps on your smartphone

It’s easy to make and delete folders and pages on your smartphone or tablet - mostly you just drag and drop things.

Next is a video that will show you ways to organise apps on an iPhone and an Android phone.

On the next slide, click the ‘play’ button on the video to watch it. You can also click anywhere on the video to pause or restart it.


Well done on reaching the end of the Organising your apps activity. You've learned how to make it easier to find your apps.

Next, we'll look at the messages, or notifications, you get from some apps in the What are app notifications? activity.

A smartphone with a clear and uncluttered screen