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Choosing apps

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With millions of apps available from online app stores, you might think it will be hard to find the one that’s best for you. But it’s not! In this activity, you’ll learn how to search for and choose the right app for your needs.

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A zoomed-in view of a search for the myGov app on an official app store

How do you choose the best app?

With more than five million apps, there should be something just right for you. But how do you choose?

Some ways to help you include:

  • Using the app stores' search functions to refine your choices.
  • Reading the app information page to learn more.
  • Checking star ratings and user reviews on the app stores and the web.
  • Trying free apps and recommendations from friends.

Search app stores by category

Let's have a look at the online app stores and how they help you find apps by organising them into categories. This allows you to search for specific or popular apps, such as games, banking, family apps and more.

We have two videos to watch - the first is an example of how to search for a calculator app on an Android phone, and the second is an example of how to search for a word processor app on an Apple iPhone.

On the next slide, watch the video by clicking the ‘play’ button. You can also click anywhere on the video to pause or restart it.

Check the reviews and star ratings

Each app has star ratings in the App Store or Play Store. The star rating is always out of 5. Most apps will also have reviews from users, which can help you decide if the app is useful and works reliably.

Most apps will also show how many times they have been downloaded. A lot of downloads can indicate it’s a good app.

A zoomed-in view of a review for an app on the official app store

Search the web for recommendations

There are many user reviews and 'Best apps for' lists on the internet that can help you choose from among the many apps available.

On the next slide, click the ‘play’ button on the video to watch it. You can also click anywhere on the video to pause or restart it.

Well done!

This is the end of the Choosing apps activity. You've learned that there are useful ways of telling the best apps from the stores themselves, as well as from friends’ and web recommendations.

Next up, we'll learn how you get an app in the activity Getting apps for iPhone and iPad.

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