Adding contacts in WhatsApp


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Adding contacts in WhatsApp

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Before you can use WhatsApp, you first need to create a contacts list. This is like a phone book, with a list of all the people you might want to call using WhatsApp.

This activity will take you through the steps for creating your contact list.

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Shows a close up of a list of contacts in the WhatsApp app

The WhatsApp contact list

The WhatsApp contacts list is like a phone directory for WhatsApp. Everybody that you add to your list can be called with the touch of a button.

Adding people from your existing contacts list

WhatsApp can use the exsiting contacts in your phone or computer to quickly create a contact list of people to call.

First, WhatsApp will ask permission to access the names and numbers of family and friends stored in your phone or computer's contact list.

If you agree, WhatsApp can automatically find other WhatsApp users among your contacts to create your WhatsApp contact list.

Shows a list of contacts in the WhatsApp app
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Adding new contacts

Let's join Mary for a moment. Mary's new friend, Helga, uses WhatsApp. Mary would like to video chat with Helga, but first needs to add Helga to her WhatsApp contact list. The Add Contact button makes this easy, and lets Mary tap in Helga's name and and phone number.

Inviting someone to use WhatsApp

Now Mary wants to video chat with her sister, Missy, but Missy doesn't have WhatsApp.

Click Play on the next video to see how Mary can use a smartphone to invite Missy to join WhatsApp.

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Well done, you've come to the end of the Adding contacts in WhatsApp activity.

You should now know how to create a WhatsApps contact list, add people to your WhatsApp contact list, and invite people to join WhatsApp.

Once you've created your WhatsApp contact list, you'll be ready to make video calls with it. In the next activity, Making calls with WhatsApp, we'll go through that process.