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Secure online payment

Father and son work together to buy something online by credit card

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Have you ever wanted to buy something on the internet?

In this activity, you'll find out how to choose reliable sellers to buy from, how to pay online and the benefits of paying with credit cards.

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Terms and conditions website page

Reliable sellers

When you pay for things online, you want to be sure your details are kept safe and secure. But how do you know who to trust?

Check a seller's terms and conditions, including their privacy policy and returns policy - they should be on their website.

Be careful when buying from overseas companies as they may be harder to get a refund from if anything goes wrong. If you're buying from private sellers, make sure they've given a physical address and telephone contact details.

You can always use Google (or another search engine, like Bing) to find out more about a particular seller.

Payment methods

There are several ways you can pay for things online. Two of the safest ways are by credit card and PayPal.

Buying anything costing over $100 by credit card gives you free protection provided by the credit card provider, which means that you can get a refund if anything goes wrong.

PayPal is an alternative payment method that means that your bank account details aren't passed on to the seller.

Payment methods website page
A sample shopping website

Shopping for a TV

Meet Bob.

Bob has wanted to buy this TV for ages. He's looked on the high street, but has found out that if he buys online he could save a lot of money.

The problem is, he's never bought anything online before and doesn't know how to.

Online payments

Bob has filled out his details on the screen. He is just one step away from paying for the TV of his dreams.

All he has to do now is enter his credit card details. But how does he know that his details will be safe?

A small pile of credit cards
An example of a payment website page highlighting the padlock symbol that can be seen in the address bar

The padlock icon

At the end of the address bar for the online shop there is a padlock icon.

Bob selects this icon.

Security information

Selecting the padlock icon opens a small window telling Bob that the information he provides is safe and the company is registered.

Many online shops also have 'https' at the start of the address bar. This also shows that the connection to the page is secure, which means any information Bob types into the page can't be intercepted by third parties.

An example of a payment website page highlighting the https:// can be seen in the address bar

Safest way to pay

There are different ways to pay for items online. Which two of these are the safest way to pay online?


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Debit Card

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Credit Card

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Someone pressing the final button to make their online purchase on their smartphone


Well done, you've come to the end of the Online payments and secure areas activity.

You've learnt how to choose reliable sellers, pay online and which payment methods to use when buying online.

In the next activity, Child safety online, you'll find out about how children can stay safe online.