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Creating an email account

The Yahoo homepage

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In this activity, we'll follow Salma, who has decided to set up an email account.

There are lots of email providers to choose from - three of the biggest are Google, Yahoo and Outlook.

Salma's friend Maryam uses Yahoo!, so Salma decides to use this too. Let's take a look at what she needs to do so she can get an email account.

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Setting up an account

To create an email account you need to go to the email provider's website.

Because Salma has chosen to use Yahoo, she goes to, but you can use any email provider you like.

Shows a window with a button to sign into email for existing users, or to create a new account

Create a new account

On the email provider's website, there will be a 'Create New Account' or 'Sign Up' button.

Salma is on Yahoo's website, and selects ‘Create New Account' to get started.

Complete the sign up form

The next thing Salma will have to do is to fill out a form that will ask her a bit of personal information, like her name and phone number.

If you need some hints and tips about how to fill in forms online, you can take the Using online forms course on the Be Connected website.

Email sign up form that has no information in it yet

Choosing an email address

The first thing Salma needs to do on the sign up form is enter her name and choose an email address.

Your email address can be anything you like as long as someone else hasn't used it before.

When choosing your email address, think about who will see it and what it says about you.

Email sign up form that has Salma's name inserted

Salma's new email address

Salma chooses 'salma.s141' for email address, so her full email address is

Salma has chosen a sensible email address because she knows that she'll be using her email account to send messages to her work mates as well as her friends and family.

Email sign up form that has Salma's name and an email address that she has chosen
An idea for a password could be a pet plus a travel memory combined into one easy to remember password

Choosing a password

Secure and memorable

As well as an email address, Salma will have to create a password so that she can use it to access her account in future.

Salma needs to make sure her password is safe and secure. This means that she'll need to choose something that is easy to remember but isn't easy for other people to guess.

Letters and numbers

A secure password should be a mixture of letters and numbers. Some email providers will ask you to make your password more than 8 characters long.

Salma's favourite holiday destination is Spain and her beloved pet is a dog that she got as a rescue dog when it was 7 years old. She's confident she'll remember something like that, so she chooses ‘spanishpooch7' as her password.

You could choose whatever you like.

Email sign up form that has Salma's name, email address and her newly selected password 'spanishpooch7'

Choosing a good password

Salma chose a password that she'll remember but would be difficult for other people to work out.

Have a look at the following examples and select the two passwords that would be the most difficult ones for someone to guess.


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Poor password


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A woman sits at a cafe table drinking a coffee with her laptop open to a Terms and Conditions page of a website

Terms and conditions

Before Salma can finish creating her account, she'll be asked to agree to the terms and conditions of the email provider.

Basically, they want to make sure you are going to use the email service nicely.

It's a good idea to have a look at the terms and conditions before you finish signing up for an email account. If you don't agree with what they say, you might want to try using a different email provider.


Well done, you've reached the end of the 'Creating an email account' activity.

You've seen how Salma can go to an email provider's website and create an email address so that she can keep in touch with her friends and family online.

In the next activity, 'Sending an email', we'll find out how Salma goes about sending her first message.

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