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More about the keyboard

a close up of a computer keyboard

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There is more to a keyboard than just letters and numbers.

In this topic, you will find out about navigating around the screen using the Tab key, scrolling using the Page Up and Page Down keys, and opening folders and links using the Enter key.

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The Tab key

The Tab key lets you navigate through web pages and documents and move forward to the next link on a web page.

a typical keyboard with the Tab key highlighted in purple

The Tab key also allows you to go back by pressing the Shift and Tab keys at the same time.

a typical keyboard with the Tab and Shift keys highlighted in purple
an example of an online sign up form

The Tab key also lets you move to the next field in a form or the next section in a document.

Navigating around the screen

Some keys help you to move around the computer screen without using the mouse or trackpad. You can use the arrow keys to move around a document or around the desktop.

If you can't see all of the text on a page, you will need to move down the page. This is called scrolling. The arrow keys let you scroll up or down.

The Page up and Page down keys also help you move up and down a page and can be seen highlighted on on the next slide.

The Arrow, Page Up and Page Down keys

The arrow keys, and the Page up and Page down keys help you scroll up or down a page.

a typical keyboard with the Page up, Page down and arrow keys highlighted in purple

Opening folders

Now you can try using the arrow keys and Enter key to open a folder.

On the next slide is a practice that includes some steps to try yourself. Select the Continue button below to begin and then follow the instructions on the right hand side of the screen.

Opening folders

Opening folders

This is an interactive exercise that allows learners to practise using the arrow keys on a keyboard to navigate around folders on their computer desktop.

This exercise has no sound track. To successfully complete the exercise, you need to naviage using the bottom arrow key to a documents folder and then click enter to open it.

This exercise is used to encourage confidence using the internet by practising a simple exercise in a simulated environment. If a mistake is made, there will be a prompt to ask you to try it again. If another mistake is made, the video will show you how to complete that section of the exercise.

Other useful keys

The keyboard has other keys that you will find useful.

In the next slide, we will take a look at other useful keys on the keyboard and what they do. Please click on the 'Continue' button and watch the video.

a close up of someone typing on their keyboard


You've now come to the end of the More about the keyboard topic and you've finished this course!

In this topic, you found out how to navigate around the screen using the Tab key, how to open a folder using the Enter key and all about other useful keys.